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I just published an update to the website for the software architecture diagramming framework I’m working on, featuring an improved definition:

FC4 is a Docs as Code framework that enables software creators to author, publish, and maintain software architecture diagrams more effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively over time.

It’s quite a mouthful, I know, but I’m feeling good about it. It feels clear, comprehensive, and usefully specific.

Any and all feedback, suggestions, questions, etc would be welcome!

I’ve borrowed this Fiat 500E #bev for an extended test drive (fun!) and I think it might be shorter than my Mini Cooper (it’s certainly got much better visibility) so it seems I was able to park between two spaces!

#electriccar #sogoodsofar

This shitty throughput via my Verizon Wireless service is hampering my ability to work at my local library. 😡

Looks like I’ve got to cut back on my raw photo shooting… I’m a bit trigger-happy 😅

I just upgraded to a (used) 10.5” iPad Pro (2017) and wow, it knocks the socks off my prior tablet, a 2018 iPad (plain old). Everything is faster, smoother, better looking, better sounding — in fact the speakers are drastically better. Feeling pleasantly surprised + fortunate 😊!

Just submitted my talk proposal for Write the Docs Portland 2019! 😅

The Cube is a coworking space for parents, with on-site child care — what a great idea!

For your consideration.


#book #novel #fiction #speculativefiction

My mini-panic before every video meeting.

I just finished the main story of Insomniac’s fantastic 2018 Spider-Man PS4 game and the scripted ending was gut-wrenching — in a good way. This game felt like a lovingly crafted homage to the Spider-Man comics, and an earnest attempt to capture the magic of those comics. ★★★★

SubEthaEdit is back! This takes me way back — I have the warm fuzzies for this app 😊. And now it’s FLOSS! Thank you @monkeydom!

This just arrived! So excited!

New shell script to tell me when long-running processes are done — tmwd, short for “tell me when done”

brew install terminal-notifier
echo "terminal-notifier -message 'Done"'!'"'" > ~/bin/tmwd
chmod +x ~/bin/tmwd

I use it like so:

run-tests; tmwd

🚨content warning: extremely geeky🚨

OK, this was cool: I reported a bug to the JavaScript grammar for Atom’s new parsing system, Tree-sitter, and @maxbrunsfeld fixed it in under 10 minutes!


Just test-drove a Fiat 500E — really impressive! Liked it way more than I expected to.

The greenline tires are an amazing detail.

Good for you, Greenburgh Public Library, for having a Dresden Dolls CD! Great album!

New post on the Funding Circle Engineering Blog: Highlights from Strange Loop 2018 by me and my co-worker @kidpollo.

Spoiler alert: @strangeloop_stl is still the best software development conference I’ve ever attended!

Photos: Simon Peyton-Jones’ inspiring keynote.

The new Carfection review of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is stunningly beautiful. Catchpole’s contemplative patter pairs perfectly with the images, the pace of the cuts, etc. The whole Carfection crew just keeps consistently leveling up their game; their films are a real pleasure.

If you or anyone you know has been meaning to learn how to use @apachekafka with Ruby, check out Learn You Some Kafka, a set of atomic, bite-sized, highly-focused hands-on exercises that teach how to work with Kafka.

Building our Sukkah!

Test shot with our Canon M100 and its 55–200mm kit zoom. Not bad!

I’m going to try to resume tracking the films I watch, and want to watch, in my Letterboxd profile.

My Life as a Zucchini is a beautiful, beautiful film.