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TIL that in 1971 Flo Kennedy:

…founded the [US] Feminist Party, which nominated Shirley Chisholm for president.

…I’d just been wistfully wishing there was a viable, robust, intersectional US party called the Feminist Party… I’d join up in a heartbeat.

(New York Times obituary of Flo Kennedy)

I just discovered Typora, an impressive Markdown editor/viewer, via Chad Moore, and it’s really compelling — I think I’ll add it in to my mix, right between the lightness of nvAlt and the focusing power of FoldingText.

Also of note: I discovered it via a discussion on Micro.blog between @eli and @cm.

Where are the Car Girls?

Great video from Gears and Gasoline. This was my big take away from their earlier, also excellent, video on Hate in the Car Community, which ended with a collage celebrating diversity — that included zero women.

Hey look, I wrote some code!

Just example code, but still… it does actually work!

…by leading with curiosity, the feedback seeker is signaling they’re open to ideas beyond their own.

Spencer Harrison in How to Give and Receive Feedback About Creative Work

The whole microservices vs monolith question is a false dichotomy! See for example the modular structure that Django encourages — it encourages good domain modeling from the start and provides natural seams one could use to extract deployment artifacts later, if and when needed.

Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, is on sale for 50% off!

(PS4 only)

Kid: “Dessert please!”

Me: “Dessert‽ I thought you were full!” (checks her belly) “Aha, I feel a tiny little room left.”

Kid: “There’s lots of room! This is my healthy side and this is my dessert side and this is my treat side over here.”


Just had a video meeting with folks in London, NY, Portland, and SF — and it worked! Kudos to @zoom_us for finally realizing this dream!

I started reading this delightful essay by @eugenewei expecting a tip on formatting line graphs. I got a few of those, but they were wrapped up in a contemplative jaunt full of deep wisdom on communication in business.

Self-portrait with delicious coffee.

tesla #teslamodel3 #model3

I love the smell of software updates in the morning.

It’s my first week at @FundingCircleUS! I attended a lunch session today: Hiring for Diversity — and the room was packed! Feeling very 😊😊!