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This is really frustrating. Software should ship with help built-in — not download it on-the-fly via the Internet! People still use computing devices when offline, it’s an important use case!

I just saw there’s a TechYes! meetup in NYC next week: TechYes! #12: Don’t Judge a Book by its Color — I hope I can make it!

If you’re a US citizen or resident, please consider donating $17, or $1.70, or any amount, to support the March for Our Lives on March 24.

Access to weapons of mass murder and mayhem needs to be the main topic of our national discourse until we’ve curtailed that access.

Not cool, @TheEconomist — not cool at all.

Seems time for a massive march on Washington for gun control — something like a March on Washington for Safety and Freedom. Is anyone organizing something like this? @Everytown? I’d drive myself and 6 others down from New York, or pool funds for a big bus.

Just realized that when taking photos of slides at a talk, I now always include the speaker whereas I used to keep them out of the frame.

Seems like a promising sign for my growth as a human?

AWS: Customers can now auto-generate GraphQL schema and resolvers from a DynamoDB table without any coding

Impressive and exciting:

Customers can now auto-generate GraphQL schema and resolvers from an existing Amazon DynamoDB table without any coding. You can immediately perform queries and mutations using the generated API endpoint and configure it to use GraphQL subscriptions for realtime data.

AWS AppSync Adds new GraphQL Functionality and Removes Whitelist Approvals from Preview

Holy crap, there’s now a Ruby port of clojure.spec — and it looks really solid! Fantastic work by Jamie English!


Docker tip: if you specify --quiet or -q you can use the output of docker build as input to docker run:

ID=`docker build --quiet .`
docker run -it --rm $ID


docker run `docker build -q .`

Finally got around to watching Edge of Tomorrow, and it was great. Gem of a sci-fi action flick.

Guess who wrote almost 2,000 words of technical documentation in the past ~28 hours? This guy! 😅

🤦‍♂️ OMG Confluence please fix your 🔥 UX.

😐 Tesla just pushed my standard battery Model 3 delivery date from early 2018 to late 2018. A bummer, but far from a tragedy — I can deal. 😐

I’m thrilled by the successful test flight of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy! It’s inspiring and encouraging… we might have people roaming around on Mars within a decade or two!

I really ❤️ youtube-dl — such great software. Very much like wget; they both try really hard to do the right thing every time, and are deeper than they appear.

I paused a Tycho set to put on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Test Flight live stream, which hasn’t quite started — and the hold music they’re playing (e.g. Heavy by Test Shot Starfish) is really good working music!

I fucking love this beautiful, insightful rant from Charlie Stross on why he’s not reading much SF these days.

Dear @zoom_us, please tell me you’re working on automatic transcription of calls. It’s gonna be huge.

I was bummed to learn of the demise of @with_eve last week, but didn’t have anything useful to say about it.

Now, though, I’m comforted and super-excited to see the launch of @observablehq — it seems likely to make reactive programming drastically more accessible and widespread!