Avi Flax

Avi Flax

Fond memories of Groovy

Someone mentioned Groovy (the programming system) in my team’s chat channel today, and being the gray-neck-beard that I am, I waxed nostalgic:

I’m fond of Groovy, it was the little language that could … helped introduce me to some functional patterns, duck typing, more. Sort-of-maybe a predecessor to e.g. Kotlin in some ways… certainly helped prove the viability of alternate JVM languages, even if it’s since been eclipsed…

Interesting: Groovy had a bunch of early releases between 2004 and 2006, then 1.0 was released in January 2007. Clojure’s initial public release was October 2007. JetBrains started creating Kotlin in mid 2010 and announced it in mid 2011.

Not claiming any of these things are directly connected, but the broader timeline is still interesting.


In Oct 2016, Strachan [the creator of Groovy] stated “I still love groovy (jenkins pipelines are so groovy!), java, go, typescript and kotlin”. (Wikipedia)