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As someone who likes both beer and kombucha, I thought I might like this. And I was right. Good stuff!

This is amazing: noparkinghere.com

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Screenshot of Web essay at noparkinghere.com

Don’t tell my kid — I’m selling our Mini. She is NOT happy. 😅

App idea: Reliable Regular Reminders. Pops up reminders reliably at the designated time — daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc — and each “instance” of each reminder is supplanted by the following “instance”.

(Yeah, I’m really frustrated with the iOS Reminders app.)

Interesting idea came up in a recent chat with a colleague: that remote members of hybrid teams need on-site allies to speak up on their behalf, to make sure in-person meetings are recorded, or notes are shared; to address A/V issues; to invite them to ad-hoc meetings, etc.

First text message from the kid 😂

This is amazing — the authors of the tool Kodiak documented the differences between it and 13 alternatives in an extremely clear table. I ❤️this!

I stumbled downstairs this morning to find the kid (6) playing a math game on her device! 😮🥳

Idea: a feedback escrow service

I ❤️ git hooks, but I’m happier now that I’ve converted my pre-commit hook to a pre-push hook. Turns out I like to commit often, even — especially — when the work is still a mess — and clean it up before pushing. This new setup lets me stay in the flow!

US citizens/residents: if, like me, you’re giving Amazon more of your hard-earned money today or tomorrow during their contrived day of consumption, please join me in giving matching donations to RAICES or any org working to help immigrants and refugees at our southern border.


See You Yesterday is a wonderful film. Moving, fun, intriguing, and exciting. Highly recommended!

Just published my highlights from the wonderful Write the Docs Portland 2019 conference — I’m super grateful that this conference exists and I was able to attend!


I’m trying out Vale to lint my prose, and I’m feeling super called out here… 😱

Screenshot of results of running Vale on the homepage of the FC4 Framework, showing 0 errors, 6 warnings, and 0 suggestions via the write-good style. Of those 6 warnings, 2 are TooWordy, 3 are Passive, and 1 is Weasel.

Spotted in PDX. Inspired by @elinarachel?

Just gave a fun little talk at the #writethedocs PDX 2019 unconference: Storytelling with Git.

I’d love some suggestions of other events or contexts that might be a good place for this talk!

BTW #writethedocs PDX 2019 is fantastic!

Anyone know of a way to use @github’s “team discussions” feature to host fully public discussions in a public repo? So far my impression is it that it’s oriented around internal discussions within an org. I’d love to use @discourse but my project isn’t big enough 😞 — yet! 😅

New/recent albums I’ve been enjoying:

💿 Young Enough by Charly Bliss 💿 Morbid Stuff by PUP 💿 Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend 💿 This Land by Gary Clark Jr. 💿 There Will Be No Intermission by Amanda Palmer 💿 Tides of a Teardrop by Mandolin Orange

What about you?

Just bought tix to see Charly Bliss and CHVRCHES at Radio City Music Hall in July!

This article by @linclark is a wonderful exemplar of lucid, accessible, compelling technical writing:

Standardizing WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web

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I’m not even mad!

I just got a replacement debit card from my bank; apparently they’re proactively upgrading everyone in my area to contactless cards for use with public transit. Cool, but in addition to the contactless feature and the chip, my new card also has old school raised numbers! 🧐😂😭😎