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How many plug-in cars do you see in this shot? London has been making great progress!

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Enjoying some rays

Classic Alfas in White Plains!

I hadn’t realized that The Atlantic had succumbed so completely to the clickbait headline disorder that’s running rampant in the online “news” community. 😞

Screenshot of a “More Stories” sidebar showing a list of clickbait headlines, from an article page on theatlantic.com.

Whelp, my talk proposals to @WriteTheDocs Portland and OSCON have been rejected. 😞 Won’t stop me from going back to Write the Docs though — I was there last year for the first time and it was excellent. Tickets purchased! See you in May, Portland!

I just listened through the new album Tides of a Teardrop by Mandolin Orange and it’s beautiful.

UK friends! I’ll be speaking at the 7 March London Clojurians meetup at Funding Circle! My talk Growing a Clojure CLI Tool will be a case study in building and growing a usable CLI tool (one that runs tolerably on the JVM 😅). I hope to see you there!

I finished Kim Stanley Robinson’s new novel Red Moon last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it! As seems to be usual for his works, it’s a great mix of characters, ideas, and plot that combine into a compelling and thought-provoking experience. Similarly to his excellent New York 2140 it manages to remain entertaining while conveying his vibrant geopolitical ideas.

Cover image of Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel “Red Moon”

I just published an update to the website for the software architecture diagramming framework I’m working on, featuring an improved definition:

FC4 is a Docs as Code framework that enables software creators to author, publish, and maintain software architecture diagrams more effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively over time.

It’s quite a mouthful, I know, but I’m feeling good about it. It feels clear, comprehensive, and usefully specific.

Any and all feedback, suggestions, questions, etc would be welcome!

I’ve borrowed this Fiat 500E #bev for an extended test drive (fun!) and I think it might be shorter than my Mini Cooper (it’s certainly got much better visibility) so it seems I was able to park between two spaces!

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This shitty throughput via my Verizon Wireless service is hampering my ability to work at my local library. 😡

Looks like I’ve got to cut back on my raw photo shooting… I’m a bit trigger-happy 😅

I just upgraded to a (used) 10.5” iPad Pro (2017) and wow, it knocks the socks off my prior tablet, a 2018 iPad (plain old). Everything is faster, smoother, better looking, better sounding — in fact the speakers are drastically better. Feeling pleasantly surprised + fortunate 😊!

Just submitted my talk proposal for Write the Docs Portland 2019! 😅

The Cube is a coworking space for parents, with on-site child care — what a great idea!

For your consideration.


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My mini-panic before every video meeting.

I just finished the main story of Insomniac’s fantastic 2018 Spider-Man PS4 game and the scripted ending was gut-wrenching — in a good way. This game felt like a lovingly crafted homage to the Spider-Man comics, and an earnest attempt to capture the magic of those comics. ★★★★

SubEthaEdit is back! This takes me way back — I have the warm fuzzies for this app 😊. And now it’s FLOSS! Thank you @monkeydom!

This just arrived! So excited!