Avi Flax

Avi Flax

The March for Our Lives Movement is about Life

I’ve been trying to come up with words to describe the experience of participating in the March for Our Lives in White Plains, New York on Saturday, and my mind keeps coming back to the Hebrew/Yiddish מחיה which is derived from חיים (life) and means something like “gives me life” but is (for me) a little more balanced between pleasure, satisfaction, and revitalization.

It seems poetic to me: this youth-led movement is literally about, fundamentally, life.

This all leads me to consider why supporting this movement is so meaningful to me; it seems to be at least partly that it brings together so many aspects of my identity: Judaism, social justice, political activism, parenthood, non-violence, feminism.

And you know what? Depression, too. Because it’s been hard to find any sliver of hope in the state of America today, and that has a real and direct impact on my emotional health. Participating in the march and supporting the movement have given me a bit more hope, which I desperately need.

The movement isn’t about me, of course, but given that this is my private corner of the Web that no one reads anyway, I don’t feel too bad to explore all this here.